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MIEL was established in 2011 to promote and publish difficult, innovative, intelligent, and deeply felt writing and visual art. The press’s initial focus on supporting and promoting the work of women writers has broadened, and MIEL’s remit is now to publish difficult, innovative, intelligent, and deeply felt writing and artwork, with a focus on work made by women, people of color, and LGBTQ people.

To state it plain: writers of color, queer writers, trans writers, women writers, writers with disabilities are all especially encouraged to send work.

MIEL continues to exist because of subscriptions and book sales. You can support the press by purchasing books in the shop. You can also sign up for theMIEL and Dickinson House newsletters.

MIEL reads manuscript submissions in June via Submittable. Work for the biannual literary magazine 111O is read much of the year. You can buy a copy of 111O right here.

In fall 2014, we opened Dickinson House, a residency center for artists and writers in rural East Flanders, Belgium. Dickinson House will offer fellowships (fee-free residencies) each year; application information for 2017 will be available in summer 2016. Please see the Dickinson House site for more details.

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