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Ciara Leeming worked with a Roma woman called Ramona (Elvira by her family) to make this beautiful, sensitive book about her experiences living in the UK and being between two cultures. Read it here. Buy it for iPad/Kindle here (£2.49 and very worth it). Via Ernesto Priego.

At The Chronicle Review, “The Case For Breaking Up With Your Parents“: “More than love, sex, courtship, and marriage; more than inheritance, ambition, rivalry, or disgrace; more than hatred, betrayal, revenge, or death, orphanhood—the absence of the parent, the frightening yet galvanizing solitude of the child—may be the defining fixation of the novel as a genre, what one might call its primordial motive or matrix, the conditioning psychic reality out of which the form itself develops.”

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halloNot book-related, but this tiny snail and his or her brethren/sistren? have been out in force recently. So delicate and precise and perfect. Until you step on one with bare feet (O.o) or find them IN THE HOUSE. #no #toogross