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How To Say ‘I Love You’ in Greenlandic: An Arctic Alphabet

nancy campbell arctic alphabet miel

This month, we were thrilled to be able publish an edition of Nancy Campbell’s How to Say ‘I Love You’ in Greenlandic: An Arctic Alphabet. Usually we have some grace after the actual release date to bring the book to this space, but—incredibly—the edition has almost sold out. We have about 30 copies left of an edition of 175, as well as a huge amount of gratitude for all of those who’ve placed orders. Thank you.

Printing the books was always going to be a risk: we wanted to have the cards and paper wrappers that comprise the books be 100% cotton paper (more expensive) and to have the belly bands foil stamped. But the number of people who placed pre-orders alone covered almost half the cost of printing the edition (just over €1200). It was a huge relief (because we figured that then the rest of the printing costs would be covered by sales in the longer term). What a surprise and what a joy that the orders have continued to come for this book. Thank you.

The books are beautiful. Nancy’s monotypes reproduced so well. Tompkin Press, our printers, did an incredible job. The silver foilstamping shines and is clean and precise (it was done by De Sloovere BVBA). The effect of the book, wrapped in the pale blue coversheet and bound by the crisp white belly band with the silver foil, is like a very cold day after a heavy snowfall—that kind of shine. Nancy, qujanaq.

nancy campbell arctic alphabet miel