may we suggest WINTER/WINDOWS?

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WINTER/WINDOWS | Shana Youngdahl | MIEL


Hello! This is the first in a series of posts about our suggestions for gift-giving. If you’re looking for presents for Christmas or any of the other wintry holidays, may we suggest Shana Youngdahl’s winter/windows?

For who: your mom; your daughter; a pregnant friend; a friend who’s got children; anyone who has a mother; poetry-lovers; people who aren’t sure they like poetry but are interested in birth/lifecycles/death/bats/winter.

What’s to love about it: it’s small—two long poems—and even the book is diminutive (150 mm square). We love Youngdahl’s unflinching but tender look at the world. You might love the rich printing, or, once our deluxe edition starts shipping at the end of November, the softness of handmade paper and printed vellum. Also, it’s handbound. Also also, you’re supporting a small press and its writers with your purchase. Also also also, Youngdahl’s writing has a strong chance of getting you to tear up, too.

Where you can get it: right here in our online shop—or, if you’re in Ghent, you can find it at Paard van Troje on the Kouter. Please note that in order to guarantee delivery by 24 December, your order must be received by December 6.