Open reading 2015

By mieladmin / On / In Objects

We will read work in June for chapbooks to add to our 2016 list. You can send work to us via Submittable. (Note that we are on Belgian time, which means our June 1 may begin before yours, and our June 30 may end before yours.) See here for more information.

For our 2015 reading period, there will be no reading fee. If you would like to make a gesture of support for the press, please take a look at the books in our shop and purchase one. (You can use the code IHEARTMIEL2015 for 30% off from June 1 – 30, Belgian time.) All work will be given consideration regardless of purchase.

Our 2016 list already contains three art chapbooks, two poetry chapbooks, and two nonfiction chapbooks. We are looking to add four more chapbooks: two of poetry (of any kind), two of prose (fiction, nonfiction, hybrid, cross-discipline, multigenre). Reading the work we have already published is the best way to see whether your work would be a good fit for MIEL. There are sample texts in each book page in the shop, as well as many sample poems on our website. You will find formatting guidelines below, under ‘prose’ and ‘poetry’. If your work crosses these genres, just pick one. At this time we are only adding to our microseries list by solicitation.

* * *

We encourage women writers, non-binary writers, trans writers, and writers of color to send work.

We are looking for work that is experimental or conceptual without a disregard for embodiment.

We are looking for work that is socially aware and alive.

We are looking for work that feels like springtime.

We would love to see work about faith, religion, science, nature, history, power, philosophy, politics, art.

We like writing by W.G. Sebald, Toni Morrison, Susan Sontag, Amy Leach, Karen Tei Yamashita, Maggie Nelson, Ander Monson, Anne Boyer, Simone White. We like Carolyn Forché’s book BLUE HOUR and Julie Otsuka’s THE BUDDHA IN THE ATTIC. We like Alberto Ríos’ writing on ‘magical realism’. We like Mary Ruefle’s essays, especially “On Theme”.

* * *

Thank you for considering sending your work to MIEL.